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The NYS3 Moment LAB

Collectively Learn and Create New Work
Designed for actors, directors, choreographers, dancers,
performance artists, writers, designers and dancers. Sundays 2-5

The Meisner Technique

A thorough, clear, conscience-structured progression that empowers the actor to live
and grow organically, while discovering their own technique and developing the skills necessary
to work in any medium at the highest level.


An amazing environment for the acting experience...


LA/NYC/Southeast Industry Panel & Audition

LA/NYC/Southeast Panel

Uncovering the facade of LA, NYC and Atlanta

LA/NYC/Southeast Panel & Audition

Uncovering the facade of LA, NYC and Atlanta

Panel: January 25th, 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Audition & Feedback with Panel: January 25th, 4:00 – 5:00PM
Who: Jack Hannibal, Jonathan Spencer, Melanie Star Scott, Wendy Wright & Richard Handy
Panel Cost: $10
Audition & Feedback with Panel Cost:
$30 for 10 minute slot (1 minute audition and 9 minute feedback). Only 6 slots available.
Take this unique opportunity to join this open discussion with Award-wining Filmmaker/Director Melanie Star Scott, LA/Atlanta based actor Jonathan Spencer and actor/director/former UCLA Acting Instructor Jack Hannibal to get a true insight into the acting industry in LA, NYC and the Southeast. They will help you discard the myths and break through the intimidating aura of the industry in these mega industry centers.


NYS3 offers New York quality acting, writing, filmmaking, voiceover, and improv programs in Asheville, NC.

NYS3 is the most thorough, concentrated and affordable private conservatory in the Southeast. A New York style training program located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide professional, affordable, high caliber training in every facet of the performing arts including stage and film acting, filmmaking, writing, performance improv and voiceover.

We provide students with a complete foundation in the craft with programs and classes that challenge, inspire and empower students to follow their aspirations and goals in a professional, nurturing, dynamic and fun environment. Our 18 faculty, all out of NYC and LA, have the extensive professional experience and the instructional knowledge and skill sets to give students the technical skills, opportunities, connections, confidence and creative instincts necessary to work independently and collaboratively as a fully versed actor/artist in the industry. Train, Evolve, Create. Get Work.


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"Their passion, compassion, and insight brings life to the work, challenging students to take their craft to a level that is inconceivable; cultivating an environment that allows for exploration, rediscovery, self-expression and truth. I can not express how lucky I feel to have stumbled upon NYS3…you truly do an amazing thing."

− Hollie Culler, NYC

"Your candor, expertise and teaching style have called him to ask more of himself than ever before. While he’s done a variety of classes with some great teachers – he’s learning and growing more every day by working with you. Thank you for shepherding and mentoring him. "

− Mother of "Walking Dead" actor Tyler Chase